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[Hook- Kanye West]
Let's go!
Don't stop baby, Don't stop me
Don't stop baby, Don't stop me
I like the way that you move
And girl you know how I do

[Verse 1- Fonzworth Bentley]
It's in your hip
I want to get right between your strip
Use it like Lancome lipstick
Scarlett, and frankly I really do care, madam
All you will, this is Sa-Ra fam, now back to ma'am
I know that you can move like that I saw you dance
And now you you gotta show out, make me a fan
Turn up the fan, we gonna sweat crazy

What's your favorite Gatorade, lady
Hadn't been shopping, Perrier water maybe

I hope you ain't hungry got mash but no gravy
But we can make some, the best of both juices
We can use this, this some new shit
Make it hot like Crisco
That's how my flow go
, shorty you ain't know?
If you ain't po, stop being so high post
My music ain't just for the siditty and pretty it's for

[Hook- Kanye West]

[Verse 2- Andre 3000]
Shorty you killin em hard with them lady pants
Simple elegance looking better when you dance
Chest to the sun with your thoroughbred stance
You gallop to the rhythms of a native drum chant
Your granny must be Navajo
Your mama do rodeo, your papa do the saville row
I bite you, ain't no antidotes
The red blouse do arouse, I come at you like a matador
Does attract horny bulls
All the girls are waiting to see which one he pulls
Eenie meenie miney meenie prenuptial

Enforcer in the Porsche in case fools wanna duel
You'll cool your fuckin jets, who wanna be next?
Ooh, I'll probably get life if I let
One off, so I let em go like a pro
Sir Andre with an accent 3 triple 0
Ben-jamin, Lauren is the middle name

That was given by my mama, success was on her brain
Rain? Bentley Farns got the umbrellas
Benjamin got the sweaters, hey what more can we sell em?

Sun, spring will bring the parasol
Now watch him parasail to entertain us all

[Hook- Kanye West]

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