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Too many unhappy people, all the grenches are stressing
Opressing their mental tension, Congestion into depression
Fencing all their aggression into the essence of pressure
Speedin through life inception, without digesting a lesson
Those who are hurrying, scurrying and worrying
Nervously squirming with urgency like life is a tournament
You know the person whose worshipping at the services
But their only purpose is turbulance as vertebrates
All they do is complain, bout the pain, bout the rain, bout the game, even when they’re on a plane
Gosh there’s no room for my feet on the ride
Do you realize your in a seat in the sky?
But you call the stewardess and weep and you cry
Throw my R Kelly on, I believe I can fly
Complain about the internet, complain about the weather
So they go and smoke a cigarette and wish that it was better
It’s like some type of disconnect from all the world’s beauty
So now you’re just a silhouette of everything you could be

Take ya time and appreciate the landscapes
Cuz roads are man paved, and time is man made
And if you rush you miss all of the beauty
So when life is juicy, ima make a smoothie
Keep it sloopy, ima make a smoothie

Just like presto, that is my manifesto
To manifest the zest of life until it’s fresh as pesto
And yes I’m from the west coast, where were known to be laid back
But even in San Francisco, people are he ctic maniacs
But yo us, were just rascals who are out dark
Learning all of life’s lessons from South Park
Rules and regulations , Too cool for limitations
Extending the youth, bending the truth, of simulation
Around the crevices of town, I get worrying looks
Hands blistered from work, faces buried in books
And for the future, they forget about their present
And looking back they’re sentenced with an empty adolescence
Playing a game of numbers, religion, money and minutes
Calculating until their vision’s muddy with limits
Time was created by a man who was a pantomime
Just a boundary on humanity, it’s black and white
You can’t be satisfied waiting on the afterlife
Sacrifice good meat for your appetite
When you die get ready for a brash surprise
Actually don’t, you won’t even be half alive
Too many people obedient to the median
Mixing life but using the wrong ingredients
My recipe is the missing key for nourishment
Some encouragement, some learning and some flourishing
A dab of happiness a pinch of relaxing
An accent of anything you find to be your passion
An ounce of music and a whole pint of laughing
And some silliness to combat the time that’s passing
So throw it in a smoothie and blend it together
And eventually time stops, suspending forever

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