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Adderalic Haze, Cognition isn't Phased
Outer Space, Loud and out of range, foul mouthed deranged
I got that white-stained overcoat, potent vocal overload
Bad_____Motor____ froggy throated, broken notes
Administer menacing dosage, and Benny is finna get roasted
Or wander close and I'mma envelope your motions
Ocean Waves by the coast, Lower Metronome
Upper Echelon, mumble in my megaphone:
Wa-wa-wa-wasted on her lips ta-ta-taste it
Her face changing color by the lake, feeling Based, sick
Waist to the lips, if we kick it don't trip
Flippin' stacks, COLDeSACK, hot shit, take a whiff, swah

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