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Stumble over the dreaming and smooth rocks
While the moon illuminate the lake at 3 o'clock
Tell her embrace don't stop, but if it stay as cold
Told God to start warming up my spot
Water roll over The Cove, come quicker
Envelope the night, and the young might wither
Guided by the flow of the river, [hush] and maybe you can hear the shivers
Or go to sleep...yeah you can go to sleep
Give me your feelings I'll ignite'em with the fire
Lay back and laugh while the smoke climb higher
Pearly gates smoldered by the paper in the folder
Ode to joy, and an all-empowered reach for desire
This is an ode to the lovers, youth in disguise and illegimate brothers
Money on the rise, saved up in the cupboards
Life in our hands and the sands are the covers, yeah

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