Freddie Gibbs – National Anthem (Fuck the World) Lyrics

Produced By: LA Riot

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[Verse 1]
Back when I was younger
Very ambitious but often blinded by my hunger
Some say I dream too big
And my dream gon' take me under

Beneath the streets of Gary
Would I make it out I wonder
Could my obituary be the next they read amongst the
Niggas I came up with and fell victim to this dope game

Poverty stricken so our economy is cocaine
Ecstacy, heroin, marijuana ain't no hope man
Absentee fathers and dope fiend mamas
Got my hood turned out to the point that a nigga wanna go and get paid

Fuck sittin' on the bench I'mma go on
To the next lick til I'm goin' in my grave

Then I figured after that I could make a livin'
Off makin' words rhyme it was all in my mind

Everybody in the G went to Finger Roll studio
Nobody had a flow quite like mine
But along with the fame came a whole lot of
Hate from the hood, everyday I would fight

Mama can't sleep cause I'm way to deep in the streets
She would pray through the night

Every rhyme that I spit's real shit
Cause its just another day in my life

Niggas better keep a vest test to my testicles
They be vegetables, they gonna respect the flow 'til I'm gone

One for the money
Two for the mother fuckin' haters keep my name in game
I'm screamin' fuck the world
I keep 3 bad bitches for all my niggas
Wave your fingers if youre feeling the same
I'm screamin' fuck the world

One for the money
Two for the mother fuckin' haters keep my name in game
I'm screamin' fuck the world
I keep three bad bitches for all my niggas wave your fingers if youre feeling the same
I'm screamin' fuck the world

Player haters fuck'em
Record label fuck'em
Radio fuck'em

[Verse 2]
All my shit still be bumpin'
Never change my style up for any of them
I'm strictly thuggin'

Lotta niggas made a name off banging
And hustling but really wasn't

I built my name with no features
Or some expensive budget

Go for mine cause a co-sign can't coincide with the shit I'm bustin
You see more fear and your pockets start to see a reduction
See how true your crew is, never new they was frontin'
And I bet a nigga told you, that whatever
You go through, we got your back 'til the end

When I came upon a deal, niggas that I never knew
I could blew, wanna come be my friends

Then the boy got dropped and the friendship stopped
In a flash I was back on my own

Put a strap on my lap and the stash in the back
Cause the fact I was wrappin them stones
Got back to the rap cause its all that
I got in the mid west streets be my voice
I dont think another dude could do what I do
So it seem like I ain't got no choice

Then the hoes gon' choose the dudes that come through
Get them groovin and get that shit moist

Niggas knowin, I be runnin them hoes, and never lovin them hoes
You be up under them hoes, I hit up buncha them hoes and im gone


I'm GI thuggin', I'm Chi town thuggin'
I'm Detroit thuggin', one time fuck'em
I'm NY thuggin', I'm Illadelph thuggin'
I'm DC thuggin', one time fuckin'
I'm Inglewood thuggin', I'm South Central thuggin'
I'm O-town thuggin', one time fuck'em
I'm ATL thuggin'
I'm Memphis T thuggin', I'm H-town thuggin', one time fuck'em


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