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Geah, uhh.. (fuckers!)
Geah, uhh..

I'm the Bad Boy not to fuck wit, you get bucked quick, stuck wit
Three hollow tips up in your stomach
Honestly, Bad Boy's a fuckin dynasty
Oooz on the Glock, watch you ooze on the spot
Puff don't give a nod, nothin move on the block
The streets is ours to burn for the moves and rocks
Princess cuts, what the fuck? Watch the arm light up
Desert in the weights in the hood like what?
Bitches get hyped up, niggas get diced up, sliced up
Heist what? Get yo' windpipe cut
Pimp motherfucker, nigga make dykes fuck
Off the liquor they chipper (who?) bitch named Trisha
Catholic school girl turned coke sniffer
Niggas talk slicker, I tie and rope quicker
Check the arm and neck, how they both glitter simultaneously
(bling bling) Bitch shit coke out her ass, 'til her anus bleed

[Hook: Shyne]
Diamonds I flaunt it, bitches is on it, tell me who want it?
I got it to give it, you niggas talk it, I live it, uhh
Diamonds I flaunt it, bitches is on it, tell me who want it?
I got it to give it, you niggas talk it, I live it, uhh

Ki's sold out, Royce Rolls out
Brooklyn nigga with the best flow out
Fuck a pot to piss in, gimme one to boil coke
My approach, no reproach, just sex 'em and coats
Fidel shipped me a hundred bricks, up on the boat
My bitch, I to our to you, playa said she'd fly coach
I got the shit locked nigga, land - air - sea
(There's a new Don?) Nigga, yeah me
Rap's my cover-up, desert them boys in the concert
And the mean bitch who take the dick to her tonsil
Paradise life, fuck the price
It's nice, I like, I buy - break your pockets fuckin give me no try
Extort who? I'll fuckin torch you
Tie you, see me? Na na with out the I.U


[Funkmaster Flex over Hook]
Yeah Bad Boy, Shyne
Shout to Harve Pierre
Funk Fliggity baby; 60 Minutes of Funk, Volume Four!

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