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Mic check one two baby, y'know
Eightball in here baby, bring it down one time

Yeah.. yaknahmean?
Big shout to my man Tony Draper
Big shout to my man Rich Kid, my man Eightball (yeah, yeah)
All my Suave House cats! Yeah

Uhh, can you feel that?
Uhh, uhh.. y'know, y'know
Yeah, yeah.. uhh

Permanent gold teeth, my nigga T mix mo' beats
And smoke leafs, and Swisher Sweets than I bust heat
Nuts retreat cause they butts got guts that's weak
South niggas be them bout it niggas off the streets
Down, in Orange Mound, we be, we be
Them niggas who be, who be, who be
All about my lucci, and thick booties
Nothin but dick for the cutest little groupies
Sue me, Eightball graphic like a porno movie
Corny niggas can't move me with that same old suki
Talkin about you be, you be
Them niggas who be, who be, who be
In the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong rhyme
Long lines talkin about how you can duel with mine
Come to find I dine on niggas tryin to shine
Cut em up like a blade and snort em like a line
Of Peruvian to see who wanna do what then
Go get your men so I can put them in the past tense, main
I flip a Benz on Twinkies
Hoes treat my dick like the Titanic and sink these
Nuts, you know who I be, I be
With them niggas who be, who be, who be
All about the loot see fuck what a bitch is thinkin
Cause bitches jump ship when a niggas ship sinkin
Bitch niggas and them bitch hoes you know
Got more faces than that card game Uno
Last nigga standin in the land of the _Lost_
Guillotine lyrics choppin weak emcees heads off
Uhh, you know who I be, I be
With them niggas who be, who be, who be
Suave House family and we got juice
South nigga til I die main, what you wanna do?

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