Future – Future Back Lyrics

Produced By: Will-A-Fool

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[Verse 1: Future]

I got wound stripes, thats 30 years of runnin'
I should be with big meach, I get so much money
I started off connectin', and then I wash my hands
Do not touch it, if it ain't them bands
I pray to messiah told him I want it all
Put me in the game, or I crawl behind the wall
I'm living lavish, smashin' on these pink toes
More paper than Kinkos, drinkin' bottles and they gold-
Drinkin lean and its heavy
Yea, poppin' wheelies on a banshee
We throwin' money on these hoes and they ain't even dancin'
And its coming back white, marlyn manson
They yellin' young future back, and he brought good crack
And im fillin' up my belly, with pies, vegetary
Im a dog on these hoes, vetinary
Yea, I make movies, tyler perry
Yo main dame, thats my secretary
But you good cuz I love money, february
Gotta lot of shit on my mind but can't get discouraged
Apply major pressure, you better be weary
You bout to get your 'ish,dog you gon' get your 'ish
The preacher gonna say a scripture, I'm asking for forgiveness
I hear the streets callin', all the little ghetto children
Future all they know, astronaut pluto, numero uno
Im coming for your throat
Bitch I gotta have it, I know you waitin' to taste it
And I'mma murder every track nigga cold case it

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