Future – You Deserve It Lyrics

Produced By: B, DJ Spinz & Nard

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You deserve it
You deserve it
You deserve it, Future
You deserve it
You deserve it
You deserve it
You deserve it, Future
You deserve it

I done paid so many dues, I never lose my cool
Just the other day, my lil’ cousin call me from school and said
You deserve it
You deserve it
You deserve it, Future
You deserve it
(Turn up)

[Verse 1]
Ain’t asked for this, I work for this
I was in the dungeon, just purchasing
Catch the juugins, I paid attention
Know how I'm living, my slang tremendous
I’m better than you and I know it
I will show it
You ain’t flowing how I’m flowin’
That’s why I’m goin’
Places you ain’t goin’
I'mma keep goin'
And goin' until I’m growin’

To a mogul my come up is explosive
I pick that up from rico
My cousin had my back from day one, mano y mano

I believe in keepin’ it one thousand and stayin’ humble
You’re right, I told to take the route through the jungle
Keep the same integrity when I was standing on the corner
Hit the studio, and spit that crack of heavy on ‘er


[Verse 2]
I go so fucking hard, till my heart skip a beat
I always been expensive, ain’t nothing about me cheap
I'm the realest nigga you ever seen
Since Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

All this pain can't even rappin’
Sometimes I feel like I wanna sing
My passion (my passion)
It goes without me saying
The fruits of my labor I laid down a solid foundation
You water a seed too long and it'll grow
You stay down and grind for long and it’s gon' show
It brings water to my eyes just to hear me on the radio
You would not understand the route I had to take to get here so
I worked for this (I worked for this)
It didn’t come easy (It didn’t come easy)
Now people hit me up and say these rappers cheesy


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