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My mind is sharp like HD
Try to fuck me over then you must be crazy
Fuck me over twice nah you'll miss your whole family
Three times ha then you are fuckin crazy
Yeah, your crazy like a cracka
Your guts will go ka-splatta
Once I grab that fuckin bat and I start swinging like a batta
Rat-a-tat-tatta is the sound the gun made when the bullet left the chamber and hit your brain matta
I hit more trees then a fuckin blind Tarzan
Searching for that gold with a shovel and a frying pan
You fuck with my friends then your ass will meet the dirty land
Your bodies under sand, yep six feet under ain't that view grand?
My motto is Wingo over Everything
Hoes are at my door cause they know I be on everything
I try to make them leave but they won't leave for anything
So I toss a couple hundred, now them girls will do anything
Ha I'm just kidding I ain't got no money
But your bitches keep coming man ain't that fuckin funny?
Bitches on my bed their naked with their legs over their own head
Yeah and their moaning like the fuckin walking dead
And they'll even give me brain, I guess that zombies fed

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