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[Intro: Sample from "Runaround Sue" by Dion]
(Oooh) Here's my story it's sad but true
(Oooh) It's about a girl that I once knew
(Oooh) She took my love, then ran around
(Oooh) With every single guy in town
Woooh, woooh, woooh

[Hook: Greg Banks]
She played with my heart, made me question, if I was insane
Sue's the prettiest girl in town, but she's venom to your veins
Heartbreak hotel room, 505
I was blinded by love, and the way she lied
Not me, no way, but that day she fooled me

When I caught Sue running around
She was running around, she was running around, she was running around
She was, she was running around

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Umm, so I said "peace," and I left it
Can't get mad at me when your actions request it

Couldn't even tell me to my face, had to text it
You can pack your bags, follow signs to the exit
Yes, move it along please, pronto
Oh, and by the way, return your keys to the condo

If you played at the Apollo
You'd be the type of act that I would boo off stage while I throw you a tomato
A tough act to follow
But you fooled me, bravo

Can't believe I fell for your bull, Chicago
Can't believe you asked me to stay, nah ho
I'm out of here with rocket power, babe, Otto

[Hook: Greg Banks]

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
Well, I should've known she would run around
Chill for a second, then peace when the Summer's down
Now how dumb I sound, ever since I fell for the apple of my eye?
Cupid always keeps his gun around
When I smash, she was like a woman from the past
A Mary Tyler Moore with more ass

Should've figured something when she let me score fast
But I was misguided thinking she had more class
Nah, I couldn't be wronger

Fuck it anyways, it was time to move onward
I'm tripping no longer

Put her on the streets like a banksy
Cause I was too swanky, and she was too skanky

[Hook: Greg Banks]

[Outro: Greg Banks]
She was running around (hey), she was running around (hey), she was running around
She was, she was running around

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