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[Intro: G-Eazy]
I was just fucking around with some shit
You know just wanted to talk some shit

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Tell me hows a rapper look fly in an oxford?
Tell me hows a rapper act quiet and awkward?
Hows he got a buzz from Chicago to Rockford?
From New York to L.A., Oakland to Concord

Hows this motherfucker going to sample Frank Valli?
Flip the pit shift and edit it to sound Cali
Hows he got a buzz from New Orleans to Maui
Eugene to Phoenix, The Bay to The Valley?

Fuck if I know, I’m doing what I like to
Made the beat only cause I needed shit to write to
These Japanese denims make me want to take a flight to
hops some fly shit spit a haiku
Dreaming of a day I make a million off rap
G it’s a million mother fuckers just like you
Every college kid wants to rap and get high too

Impossible to stand out now, why try to
Seen Ash do it said hey I can rap
And wear flip-flops and I’m also in a frat
Maybe if I write a verse, I’ll garage band a track
And my fraternity will like it even if it sounds whack

Fuck off that’s about as cheesy as my name is
Thumbs down to any blogger thinking I’m the same as
All these frat rappers, don’t put them next to me

It’s not the same ballpark it ain’t the same league
I’m working on some different shit, at least that’s the goal
But you dumb fucks really dug us in a hole

Every time I tell someone I rap I’m like I know
It sounds bad but I promise I can really fucking flow

Put a lot of work in, build my own buzz
Now my life’s an endless summer and I’m doing what I love
So never sell your soul for a ticket to beyond
There’s no short cuts and that’s word to Lebron

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