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[ female voice ]
My I.U. is gone, I miss him everyday
Ah, mh, yeah
Mh, ah, ooh, yeah
Mh, ah, ooh, yeah
Mh, ah, ooh, yeah

[ Mary Brown ]
Oh-ohhh-oh, oh no
Heeeeyyy, hey-ey-eeeyy
Oh sugar

I'm sugar free
In the night
I'm sugar free
In the day

My sweetheartey
Had to go away
For a little while
And when my I.U
Is not here with me
I'm ?the helpless type?

I'm sugar free
In the night
(So lonely, so lonely)
I'm sugar free
In the day
(So loneley, yeah)

I know he loves me
I know he cares
Cause he's all mine
And soon he'll be knockin
At my door
Things will be alright

I'm sugar free
In the night
(So lonely, so lonely)
I'm sugar free
In the day
(I feel so lonely, yeah)

[ Grand Daddy I.U. ]
Listen, let me explain
I like livin my life in the fast lane
Partyin hard and havin fun
Females - I need more than one
Straight up and down on the serious tip
I ain't with no relationship
It may sound like a diss but believe me it's not
Matter of fact I really like you a lot
But it's a dead issue for you to pursue
Cause yo boo, I like you but I like others too
The heartaches, the breaks, the pains, I don't need em
Instead give me some head and a whole lotta freedom
I like to swing, I ain't with no commitment
Parties, ladies and beer by the shipment
But when I do my thing you get mad
Call me on the telephone soundin all sad
Don't mean to hurt your feelings, my dear
But listen here, I'm the mack of the year
So if you have plans to settle down with me
I guess you just have to be - sugar free

[ Mary Brown ]
Oh my sugar's gone
He's gone away
I miss him every night
And every day (2x)

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Everyday, yeah
Oh-ooohhh, oh
My sugar is gone
My sugar is gone
Oh sugar
My sugar's gone
Oh my sugar's gone
He's gone away

[ male voice ]
Yo, that sounds beautiful
That's another ?rapid shipment?

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