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Ladies and gentlemen give it up to the top notch
Stepping up not merely stepping over
Let's here it for the "Gravediggaz"

Yo we going to dig ya grave (4x)

Grym reaper

BOO you little bastards
Rappers are in a casket
Situation is drastic
You're under the plastic
Compound fracture huh my skill a sing
I'm rugged as the cross on a hill far away
As you react and shake to the track
I make rappers will evacuate
Cos I pack weight like
When bad I bury my vocabulary is hahahahah
Mad scary
The Grym Reaper appears I drink Redrum
Dead bones will cover the stage like bread crumbs
All I gonna say to ya'll brave niggas is
(ahhh) I'm a gravedigga


Yo it ain't safe it ain't safe no more
Yo it ain't safe no more
O it ain't safe it ain't safe no more
Yo it ain't safe no more
I was born deep in the valley of death where I stay hard
A buck mad child was raised in the graveyard
Straight from the darkness I strike you regardless
Of who? it's obvious my crew can demolish
Lounge in a burial ground point my death spot
I built my house on top of Salem's Lot
Crazier than Hitler boy how could you figure
Yaaaaa that you could mess with a gravegigga


Yo we going to dig ya grave (4x)

The homicidal Gatekeeper death is my speaker
I live in the dead zone my graves getting deeper
The killer my gates are closed for those baseing
The undertaker chase niggas like Jason
Master of death I hold your breath
Like a Ghost G drink more blood than Bela Lugosi
Been in more dreams than Freddy prepare to get ready
Lilly was my mother and my brothers name is Eddie Munster
I'm liver than the hellraiser
Sport a black long blazer
Chilling in the morgue
I'm insane with the trigger raaaaaaaa
The gravedigga
Meanwhile back in a jungle

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