_ƨҟ↻འġ™ (score) – Go sM.A.R.T.A. (Future "Go Harder" RGmix) Lyrics


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Future - Go Harder RGmix
(produced by LuNeYTuNeZ)


I done been lied to
I been neglected
I done had Mods & Mahbod turn against Me
You try to DUMB me down uma Go sMARTA,
You try to DUMB me down uma Go sMARTA!
I done took losses
I done been crossed
I done heard gROKS spread rumors that were false
You try to DUMB me down uma Go sMARTA
You try to DUMB me down uma Go sMARTA!


I'm smarter than a RapGenius Moderator riding Marta,
Been Moving Annoations Rapidly Through Atlanta streets farther
Than P.L.U.T.O., ATLien fo sho'
By way of A.U.G.U.S.T.A. case you ain' know
Bout dat land of dem customers & home of dem Hustlers
Where demands are a Mutha, & most of my bruthas
Are forced to supply the highs of their fathers
While Mahbod behind a computer screen dissecting my Bars,
Eating off our flaws, dats crumbs on da floor,
For genius scavengers walking 'round on all fours
Like hyenas in the arena who laugh at my poverty
But I'm rich in melanin while U basking for sovereignty
Pardon me, I don't mean to offend none
But if U call me broke, uma tell U to spend sumpn'
Because my time invested to pay attention
Was well spent on Public Transit Assistance!!!

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