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Started in magic city, ended in Onyx
She fine and she goin' crazy, I'm throwing money
Compound to the velvet, I think I'm Elvis
I always keep green around me like I'm a Celtic
Kamals to the gold room I be bottle poppin'
20 grand all in hundreds, I'm going shopping
Rain to the blue flame bitch I get it poppin'
Come ride with the Gucci man, I'll take you club hoppin'

[Verse 1]
Baby, come fuck me with girl I'm going clubbin'
Thirties above the skirties but they ain't scrubbin'
Bottles, they keep you coming cause I be thuggin'
I'm feeling all on her titties, we kissin' cousins
Blaze I went to the Libra, back to the Cheetah
You know the procedure when I be smoking reefer
My money is doing push ups, is doing chin ups
I got banished from club, vanquish and went to pin ups
My diamonds they shining bright
When they in the light
In life on a Saturday night with a nigga wife
Hundred bottles are hundred blunts cause I am a smoker
Come with me, I took a fifty and went to Strokers


[Verse 2]
Workin', you know I'm workin' you know I'm grindin'
Shinin', I'm throwing money, a king of diamond (BUR)
Phantom, I got a Phantom, I think I'm handsome
Bad bitches on my tail, we gon' go to mansion
Come, so I park the Rolls, and I got the Lambo
And I leave on the club
In Miami is my second home so I just bought a crib
Decked in cream ye my whole team we about the green..
I'm the man of these women dreams ..i dont play on the club play ona friday
Need a detox I smokin chronic like Dr. Dre


[Verse 3]
Got a trap house to the play house im in Los Angels
From da west coast all way to down south these bitches scandalous
Money been doing flips like in a gymnasium
In New York I'm a .. a sinner but I'mma winner in sin city
Every .. know I go to ..
This money ain't gonna quit I stack it gradually
Whole ounces up in my soda ya..that's the potion Huston I'm on the train when I'm in motion..
In pandamonia ..
And I live there and took a private jet back too New York


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