Gucci Mane – Georgia's Most Wanted Lyrics

Produced By: FATBOI

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[Gucci Mane-Intro]
What it do
Its Gucci
Mic check.....

Georgia wanted (Georgia wanted), murder warrant (Murder warrant)
Houston Texas (Houston Texas), Michigan (Michigan)

[Gucci Mane-Verse 1]
I spent my winter in a jail, so I'm ballin all summer
Bad bitches on my tail, hunt me like a bounty hunter
Never shed a tear for me, my momma never had a daughter
Pussy niggas scared of me, see through you like a bottled water
Gucci Manes a bottle popper, 100 bottles open up
Still slangin opium, smoking at the atruim
In summerhill I'm making plays, right there by the stadium
Move work like a gymnasium, yo birds might end up taking them
Women take one look at me, recognize the crook in me
And if I go away they come put money on my books for me
Geogia Wanted (georgia wannted), Murder Warrant (murder warrant)
Catch me if you can, I'm in Cali homie (Cali homie)
Houston Texas (Ohio), Michigan (Birmingham)
Suspicious feds talkin bout I'm trafficking (Trafficking)
Cause I'm African (African), American (American)
Successful, Confident and a Celebrity (Its Gucci)

Gucci Mane, I'm Tryna sell 10 bricks a day (10 bricks a day)
Geogia Wanted (Georgia wanted), Murder Warrant (Murder warrant)
Catch me if you can, I'm in Cali homie (Cali homie)
You say I sold you what? you a fucking Lie (Fucking lie)
Houston Texas (Ohio), Michigan (Birmingham)
Suspicious feds talkin bout I'm trafficking, I'm a Celebrity

[Gucci Mane-Verse 2]
Snitches see my picture tryna point me out the line-up
Now its 70k a show, promoters screamin back the line up
Pay my barber 2-300 just so he can keep my line up
CEO Gucci Bricksquad, bet you wanna sign up
I'm laughin at these rappers, swag dead like a carcass
You a thirsty starving artist, I'm not an artist I'm an arsonist
Trappers hear my voice on it, heavy I rejoice on it
I'm Georgia's most anticipated, screaming who you want it with?
Beef you want then beef you get, murk yo friend then plead the fifth
Tear drops on my face, so I sterotype my fuckin self
I'm the last real nigga left, man its suckas everywhere
Never infiltrate my circle, how could you when you a square?
Sittin in the electric chair, life flashing in front me
Thinking back, I'm walking bare foot, hardly nothing to eat
Everyday I promised me, til they come and punish me
I'll keep chasing money skee, and let these hoes keep chasing me


[Gucci Mane-Outro]
Georgia wanted (Georgia wanted), murder warrant (Murder warrant)
Houston Texas (Houston Texas), Michigan (Michigan)


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