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[Hook -- Pharrell]
We've evolved from small to tall
And shall not stall, been flying too long
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa girl

I be sippin' on haterade
That deep-down getcha paid
It tastes like lemonade
Scrunch your face when you see me paid

I be sippin' on haterade
That deep-down getcha paid
That flavor is lemonade
Scrunch your face when you see me paid

[Gucci Mane]
I'm not listening, I'm not interested
My attention only focused on what I get
Diamond’s glistening, they call me Mr. Check
White ice lemonade, Black ice she thick
I got general ambition bitch, and life's a bitch
So I treat it real good like hoes is squeezed
My whole life, I ain't never seen a car like that
And she probably won't see the next shit I get
And a seventeen fresh, I say I guess
Successful, healthy, I live no stress
So today is the day that if it was shot
Drop tops everywhere, I wouldn't know how to rock
Got the titties out today showing off tan lines
Bands bending in my pocket, no it's not drumline
Me and Skateboard P in the club on time
No, not on time, but it just in time
(It's Gucci!)


[Nicki Minaj]
Uh, yo, this one goes out to all of my critics
Don't you feel stupid? Look how I did it!

Look how it came to pass when I said it
We can do debit, cuz I don't need credit
Yes, I'm epic, look how I rep it
It's been eight years, but I broke the record
Yup, the record... yup, the record... yup, the record

(Just for the record)
Uh, I'm all that I can be
And I'll admit, I'm appalled when you envy
Cuz you can do it, too, and you can do it, too

I just happen to be the girl that they threw it to
So I'mma bounce back, and I'mma ball out
And every time that you see me I go all out
And I'mma win till the ending
Don't be mad when you see me transcendin'.
.. Gucc!


[Gucci Mane]
I ball hard, I should be in Sports Illustrated
Cooler than a motherfucka in a Porshe lemonade coupe
Pull up in a Ferrari in your hood, get intimidated
Mutilated, Maserati, Lamborghini (are) decapitated
Feds investigation on what I accumulated, insinuated
That I'm not the man that I say I am
Like I I give a damn
But I just run around town pickin' up stacks
Some like Louis, some like Gucci
I love money, ya I love solutions
And my teenage karat ring, baby girl choosin
And I ain't hard to please baby come choose me
Lounge around, round the town with the top chopped off
You can call it lost and found ’cause my top stay down
And I ain’t seen a muthafucka since I bought this car
I ain’t seen a muthafucka since I bought the car
It’s Gucci!



You know what I"m talkin' bout?
Just lift ya glass, gon' lift ya glass

Let's think about the future and forget the past

If a nigga key__ hate 'em, just kick ya ass

If a nigga __go hard, don't make me laugh--it's Gucci

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