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1 for the money, 2 for my jewelry game
3 for my luggage game (Dram' cruise!)Crazy luggage game Gucci
4 for shoes, 5 for my closet same size as your apartment
(Mr. Thanksgiving!) Well damn Gucci!
(Pay attention!)

[Verse 1]
So Icey the pharmacist, coca leaves like Sosa
I shoot you just like Tony
When homey knocked his sister down
Scarface Gucci: my life’s a motion picture
Gucci Tarantino, Casino, Gucci Pacino
I’m Gucci Mane Soprano
, more keys than a grand pianoWatching Blow, thinking George'll look out for DiegoI’m smoking on that color purple, working like I’m HarpoFeeling just like Smokey felt when Craig beat shit out Debo
Call me Gucci Watch Me, freeze me, save me, watch me: TiVo
Your album came out, I rated it "worst". Response: I hated it
Boyz In The Hood, got juice and rock jewelryCars "Fast And Furious", shout out to my boy LudacrisSupafly, High School Higher Than an Eagle eyeI think that they should legalize, my flow stronger than turpentineTrafficking like Bailey, bricks coming across the border lineBust a brick, he tell her: "Sniff", then she say that: "It’s party time"
It’s fighting and scary so they say I've got a horror mind
Gucci Mane not Stephen King but my car crazy like ChristineRolls - Mary's baby born young and broke in 1980Black and broke I’m thugging crazy, made it hard for mom to raise me
Set it off, Dead Presidents, hop out the trash can painted facesEddie Murphy: Trading Places, Sanford Son, Gucci Mane
But you can call me Shady Grady
Haha Gangsta Grillz you bastard, Gucci Mane will be your Daddy

I live in a TV, I live in a TV
It’s Gucci Mane La Flare, I live my life in a TV
Tell me, do you hear me lady?
I know that you see me, Baby
I live in a TV, I live in a TV

[Verse 2]
Picture me posing in your plasma
Don’t you think I’m handsome? There’s no need to answerMy watch is so handsome; better yet attractive
Hoes think it’s cute but my money got my pants saggingI’m international and I’m icy like your baby daddy
No, I’m 10 times icier than your daddy
Tell your boy the truth: that his daddy is a faggot
Only reason that you had him was for your fucking taxes

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