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[Gucci - Hook]
It's some shooters in this house, it's some shooters in this house
It's a whole bunch, a whole bunch of shooters in this house
It's some shooters in this house, it's some shooters in this house
If you wanna go to war, fuck it, nigga let's shoot it out

[Young Scooter]
Walk up from my spot, sit down, have a seat
I just been in 5 shoot outs last week
He bought the run division, plus he moving in the kitchen
Nobody make a move nigga when Scooter handling business
Reaching in his pocket, Gucci slap him with the pistol

[Gucci Mane]
Get your bitch ass down nigga, motherfucking move nigga
Hood rich!

Bricks Strap to your sister I'm a send her in a rental
I don't give a damn about it, but I make niggas with the tunner
I got money in the jungle, tryina buy my kids Christmas
Me and Scooter ain't twins but we got twin choppers
I Waka Flocka Flame a nigga hit em with the yapa
I'm a street nigga, never be a partner to a copper

[Young Scooter]
What the fuck going on nigga?
Who the fuck let these police ass nigga in here?
I don't know
Fuck out the spot nigga

Snitching ass niggas got caught with a brick
Same day call my phone for a 36
I can see with one eye open like Slick Rick
Fuck the police that's why I rap about them bricks

[Gucci Mane]
I ain't did it nigga, but these bricks get remix
When the chopper start spitting, nigga head gone get split
Nigga robbed me at the carwash, that was 1996
Ever since the day, them niggas ain't tried me since

God damn bruh
You say a nigga robbed you in 96
Know you geeked up bruh
He did
You still gotta pay...

Nigga owed me a brick, that was 3 years ago
Seen him in the club, nigga shot him in the throat

Black amigo Scooter still rob amigos
And I still got a lot of shooters on the pay roll

[Gucci/Scooter/Yung Fresh]
Hold up Scooter
I got shooters
You got a shooters?
Aye man what?
Get the door man that's Fresh man, you're sitting by the counter?
I need 'em bruh
Yea, let 'em in
Aye, open the door nigga

[Yung Fresh]
I need 50 of them pretty mids, this nigga at the store
He waiting right now, Gucci is it a go?
I hope it is, cause if it is, my shooters, they on go
Shooter on the Scooter, bring them bows
He want them right now, he just came from way up the road
10 millimeter with 30 shots, make your fuckin head explode

[Gucci Mane]
I got a traphouse mansion with some hard wood floors
Can't come in, I got burglar bar doors
Trap going crazy, but I got it under control
I just bust them open, fix em up and move them out the door
Who this nigga in this Buick, man get Scooter on the phone
I'm like a NBA coach, cause I keep shooters at my home

[Young Scooter]
All I know I never seen his face in my life
Street smart so I know this nigga ain't right
Pull up at my spot, cut your car off hit your lights
Before you hit the door, you get robbed on sight

Hook x2

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