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[Hook: Gucci Mane]
So Icey just re'd up, about to beat the block down
Got so many pounds that it slam to the ground

Them trap chickens going for the 21 now
That's why my trap got a whole lot of pistols laying around
That's why every time I greet my door I greet it with a frown
If a nigga try to reach I'mma shoot him in the mouth

Why I muggin', why I'm muggin'
Why I thuggin', why I'm thuggin'
Why I muggin', why I'm muggin'
Why I thuggin', why I'm thuggin'

[OJ Da Juiceman]
425 for a brick in my hood
Trappin' out near a thousand pounds out the hood

Young Juiceman cuzz I'm posted on the Crest
50 bricks in, 10 mil jugs at best
Alligator dark meat, swordfish white meat
Benihana, Pappadeaux, Juice riding Shaq feet
Now-and-Later chain
Starburst ring
Neiman Marcus shopping, spent a rack on a brain
Breitling watch same color as the dope game
Bought a '72 donk, had to skeet it octane
Sun Valley shawty, I push them white things
'07 Crossfire, doors chicken wing


I'm never gonna lose cause I'm too busy winning
I'm a gutter nigga from the Westside of the city
I ain't never falling off
Partner everything count
Even when I spit my verse bitch I make everything bounce

I'm a young gangster for sure, so these pussy niggas pout
Cause I'm steady busting moves in the middle of the drought
Hey this a power hitter, money getter in your face
And I ride with that tool, don't make me put it in your face
And I represent the bottom because that's where I got my feet
Got these niggas mad at me, why? cause of how I act
I'm a agitated killer nigga, you know what I'm 'bout
Mr. I Don't Give A Fuck, yea that's what I'm talking about


[Gucci Mane]
Know with a mug
Busta I’m a thug
East Atlanta representer, I done sold a lot of drugs
I’m the socket and the plug
I’ll wet a nigga up
I’ll call my trap girls to come set a nigga up
Keisha get the keys
I pitched a lot of p’s
Everybody fuckin’ with me, numbers kinda cheap
Shawty made a flip, Gucci took a leak
150 bands off of shows in a week
Yea you pussies heard of me
I know they scared to beef
Same boy will sell them to you, Gucci Mane the G

I bet you heard of me
You pussies scared to beef
Same boy will sell them to you, Gucci Mane the G
So Icey Nigga


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