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Dollar in my pocket, million on my mind
My hustle turned to muscle now my gun's my only pride
Top of the food chain
I gotta eat I gotta eat
Top of the food chain
I gotta eat I gotta eat

You a fish amongst sharks
Ants amongst apes
Put you on the hook, motherfucker now you're bait
Top of the food chain
I gotta eat I gotta eat
Top of the food chain
I gotta eat I gotta eat

Top of the food chain, rider
My two chains, bitches
They sweat me like they've been joggin' two days jackets
They roll with Jag rappers
They wanna wack a solo
They only cracked so I held the soda back
Jumpers on the scrap
This a total rap
Heard your heart racin' but couldn't go the lap
Poke in the air, lookin' like I'm hangin' off a branch
Hot boy ice, I'm a lover avalanche
Runnin' with orangutans that will string the fence
We came to eat and won't even leave the stain
Million dollar hunt, you huntin' for some cunt
Promise I'll give her back when I'm done that's on the one


I'm with the gang on you roaches
You're surrounded by vultures
I pop the lock on the candle
And cut the leash off the choker
Nobody sit, nobody move
Cause I'm a chase, I taste the blood
Now here come the flood
Open the gates where my 8′s at
Where the crushed grapes at
Came to turn the zoo upside down ASAP
Models naked, bottles breakin'
The whole town hide your bacon
And pray you make it
Showin' out on the daily races
My pocket's rarely racist
Couldn't copy my hustle, could barely trace it
I keep a double where your mom is just to waste it
Top of the food chain
Your chain lookin' tasty

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