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[Hook x4]
I got a ghetto bird, the whole ghetto heard

[Verse 1]
Straight up menace, the worst invented
Pissing on your poster image
Khaki's and a forty of the oldest English
Rolling with parole schemers
Home full of stones and nina's
Holmes, I boned your diva
And I ain't even asked the ? neither
Left the rubber in the toilet with the toilet seat up
My burner on fire, hot boiling fever
Think it's time to roll my sleeves up
Stick flickin', gorilla turned chicken
Niggas dropping deranges and getting missing
Vengeance is mine, and I ain't seeing none
Everything died and I ain't sparing one
You ain't gon' even hear a gun
That's the thrill of the hunt
Lurking, looking, riding, looping
Thinking, murder, or maybe I'm gooking
Problem and a plan, revolver in my hand
And I don't give a damn
Another victim, heard it was a rival
Said nah, was a 5-0
Shot by a junkie that I know
D.O.A., donkey on a rival
The news on me, accusing me
Wanna see me in the joint with a bruise on me
Hell fuck nah, I'm a G nigga
? ain't on key nigga


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