Gunplay – Stay Schemin' Freestyle Lyrics

Produced By: The Beat Bully

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You know these bitches is all hoes
These niggas is not friends

[Hook:] x2

These niggas is not friends
These bitches is all hoes
The police is watching me
Look at me front row
Uh, c'mon, look at me front row
Uh, c'mon, look at me front row

[Verse 1:]

A1 since day 1
Man, them niggas had cake
I had to weigh crumbs
Fake jersey on bootlegged Air 1's
With a black heart
If you depart, I could care none
Spare none, self made
Why should I share some?
So much I want to say, one pair of lungs
I'm just a skinny pimp, no frail numbers
Schemin' with schemers and a few bail jumpers
I thuggin' till the motherfucking year trumpets
But till then you hear my drum roll (Bdddd)
I'm clearly distorted adjust your view or something
True to the game since a truant buddy

[Hook] x2

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