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[Verse 1]
Your eyes heal, your hands calm me
I bask in your light like sunrays on my face
Your lips taste just like honey
I drink every drip drop girl, I lick my face

Shush-shush baby come into my house
I've seen the east from the west but there's nothing like your south
I won't stop, I won't stop until I sip on your sweet tea
I'mma show you why they call it Southern Hospitality
Shush-Shush baby come into my house
My body goes up north when you let me go down south
Open up spread your wings let me sip on your sweet tea
I'mma show you why they call it Southern Hospitality

[Verse 2]
I'll make sure where all my manners at
Just hope that you don't mind my southern grammar when I say
Lay right there don't you move until I give my love to you
I'm a break that body down till I turn you out
Head, boards, stairs, floors
I don't care I'm all yours
Girl I got that home grown
Here's where you belong


[Verse 3]
Promise I will keep it coming baby
Cover you with that good loving
Girl it's going down and you'll see just how sweet it's gonna be
Ain't no reason to be running baby
I'll give you that southern loving girl it's going down
I know just what you need; southern hospitality


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