Harry Fraud – Loopy Lyrics

Produced By: Harry Fraud

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Because I'm hot - smoke designer pot
'Bout to make a movie, so don't act like a groupie
I'm loopy, loopy, right
Loopy, loopy, right

[Verse 1: Chinx Drugz]
My Coupe look like Bruce Wayne's
Trapped on some new chains
Few rings, some new chains
My whip wide, need two lanes
They doped up, need new veins
Fresh like first school days
Hot kicks, some cool shades
I'm looped up like shoe strings
I'm shootin' game at your bitch
And she ain't got a vest on
Superman in this bitch

I ain't even got my S on
Your house on my necklace
Your whip on my left arm
Straight candy paint on that Chevrolet
And she gassed up like Chevron
Hear them talk, but we don't care
Roll up on 'em like a wheelchair
Coke Boyz, we all in
Her pussy wide, I fall in
Both inside and ballin'
My bitch imported from Berlin
My cut like Bruce Lee
Top off that new V
All about that loose leaf
Ball hard like 2-3
Stones on my wrist glass
12 on my bitch bag
I catch wreck like gym class
I'm looped up like Six Flags


[Verse 2]
I'm loopy, everything's signed and sealed
I'm gettin' paid even when I chill
They say chill don't pay the bills
But I'mma have to disagree
That shit don't apply to me
Right, ain't a nigga higher
Gold member, no lines, priority flying
Australia like "what up, mate?"
Smokin' on some sour
Eatin' mahi mahi, sippin' on Açaí
Right, perps of the game
Little man from Spain holding up my name
Round table meetings with the bosses of the game
For the Obama campaign
A nigga was tryna get this change
Boys get no air time

Really, I'm too loopy to even care, god
I bought my bitch a new whip
But me, I'd rather wear mine


I'm looped up like Six Flags
I'm looped up like Six Flags
I'm looped up like Six Flags
I catch wreck like gym class
I'm looped up like Six Flags

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