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Harry got the bounce, I've got a 36 ounce
Bring them large amounts so I can count
Harry got the bounce, I've got a 36 ounce
Bring them large amounts so I can count

I party with models, they buyin' me bottles
I do it with ballers, I'm a shot caller
You do it for thrills? I do it for bills
You do it for fake, I do it for real
I'mma tell 'em 'bout it, tell 'em 'bout it
Tell 'em 'bout it, tell 'em 'bout it
Tell 'em 'bout it, tell 'em 'bout it
This is how I do it, baby
Tell 'em 'bout it, tell 'em 'bout it
Tell 'em 'bout it, tell 'em 'bout it, tell 'em 'bout it
That's just how I do it, baby

[Verse 1]
I do it for real, my name should be For Realer
In this concrete jungle I'm a gorilla
You see mami with the bubble, yeah, I'm gon' hit her
She feel my style, feelin' wild, feel my chinchilla
Frank White, not Lucas
I've got plenty white, I do this in my sleep
Do it without a peep
But what you sayin', baby? I'll do you in my jeep
Take a ride from me
Pull over and take a ride on me
Eyes in my rearview wanna ride on me literally
Miserably, I left misses to greed
Whether they crying over bodies or I bodied they weed



[Verse 2]
I do the Saks Fifth - do the Lennox Ave
Do the dashboard, drivin' like I'm finna crash
I do the Magic City, I do the Jersey girls
I do the Polo, but I never do the jersey, girl
Do the Maserati, do the 'Maro
Do the Beverly Hills, I do the Melrose
Do the club night, but I don't do the line
One big room full of bad, bad blondes
I do the 'hood - I do the block
Used to do the Cabbage Patch, used to do the wop
You do the you, I'll do the me
College girl givin' brain, tryna tutor me


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