Heartxbeat – All Me Remix Lyrics

Produced By: Wonya Love

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[Hook - K. Jayz]
Got everything, I got everything
I cannot complain, I cannot
I don't even know how much I really made, I forgot, it's a lot
Fuck that, never mind what I got, nigga don't watch that cause I
Came up, that's all me, stay true, that's all me
No help, that's all me, all me for real
Came up, that's all me, stay true, that's all me
No help, that's all me, all me for real

[Verse 1 - Heartxbeat]
I never lie on the track, never lie on the track
If I lie on the track, I will die on that track
Stay true to myself

No help, that’s all me

Bitch, I’m getting no sleep
Them niggas count sheep, but I write these words
Them niggas play with words while I play with these verbs

Hold up
You ain’t worth it
Can’t lie on my team, nigga

I don’t see niggas giving shots, nigga
For that lean, nigga, you better duck, nigga
Toughen up, nigga
There’s no luck, nigga
There’s no love, nigga
There’s no fucks in these streets, nigga

I’m living and learning
Crushing and burning
But the older I get, nobody’s concerned
Late nights in this studio
Rapping with this stupid flow
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious type flow
Get it?
Cooler than cool and amazing, but I’m spitting this random
Cooler than cool and amazing, and all hell is what I’m raising

Okay, let’s get it

[Verse 2 - K. Jayz]
What if I told you I was never supposed to be here
But then kill everybody in motherfucking three years?
Only three years ago is when I started
Before that, nigga, I never even thought of it

But always listened to hip hop and rap
I lived off of that
As a matter of fact
I wouldn’t listen to nothing else for a while
Hear another genre, act like it was vile

Told niggas when I was killing it that I’m really killing it
And ain’t no other nigga be killing it
But they ain’t really tryna be hearing it
But not that they feeling it, I know that they really be fearing it

You listening to garbage rappers
I throw them away with the rest of my breakfast
If I hurt your feelings, that’s fucking tragic
Might as well go back study the Illmatic

I be loud as fuck with my ganja
Sometimes I don’t really have a conscience
Wasn’t born sinnin', but act like I was
Cause my life was laced
Angel dust

Ready to get everybody on board
With the way I rap
you gon’ want an encore
Everybody in the fucking 8-6-4
Gon’ have to open they eyes when I walk through the door

Listen to me, nigga
Listen to me, nigga
You don’t even know what the fuck hit ya
Ain’t nobody miss ya
Cause when I rap, it’s gon’ sound like a motherfucking missle
Done took you out
That’s my mission
Now I’m here by my motherfucking self
I could make an album with no motherfucking help
I've already done it with the mixtapes
Don’t mistake my hesitation for uncertainty


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