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I want it bad
I want it bad
I want it bad
I want it

[Verse 1: Heems]
Back then they didn't want me
Now I'm hot, yo, they all up on me

Back then I didn't want them
All they chatter sound so phoney

All they chatter still sound so phoney
I want it bad, a tenderoni
A little homey that'll show me
How to know me. I don't know me

30k in the air, looking below me
People say they know me, I don't even know me, mostly
I don't even want a roley want a shorty rocking mostly dosey
She rock mostly dosey, holy moly

No baloney, she don't want to know me
Toni, Toni, Toni
Well, she a poet, so words is her playthings
Y'all know Heems, well this the same thing
She mostly write, though, I get paid to say things
I talk about them, she be making paintings
Sometimes we talk about vain things
Lame things, you know, hackers, the main frame?
We make a commotion, all the glimmer
We at the beach, she the best swimmer
Feel it in ya, feel it with you
No tension, never issues
Never need tissues, never dismiss you
Never diss you then write letters because I miss you
Just kiss you
I want it bad, yo, I try to keep busy
Liquid heart when you kiss me
My heart turn liquid, my heart go stupid
My heart go dumb, my heart go ham
My heart go numb


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