Heems – Wild Water Kingdom Lyrics

Produced By: Harry Fraud

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[Intro - Heems]
Yeah, it's Hang Ten Heems
The most waviest creature
She touch it in Miami and every other city

[Hook - Heems]
I'm with my family at Wild Water Kingdom
Wild Water Kingdom, Wild Water Kingdom
Bitch, I'm wavy, Wild Water Kingdom
I'm a fucking wave pool, Wild Water Kingdom

[Verse 1 - Heems]
Wild Water Kingdom, meet me at the wave pool
Me, I'm on that new wave, 80's baby, stay cool
Himanshu was born in America
Jamiroquai, miracle
Mile high, eyes wide shut, spiritual
Lyrical, miserable, gibberish, I'm out with the metaphysical

Digital, Cancer sign, Pisces rising
Water is my friend, it keep me from dying
Those are both water signs
Heems will fucking Sergeant Slaughter rhymes
I'm Papa Shango, the godfather D-Lo

"Who's That? Brooown!", why bother? Weezer
Werner Herzog, Herman, Hertz
U-Haul rider, peace to Breyer(?)
Have my rider ready, ready
I'm a peace believer, but I need my guava

[Hook(x2) - Heems]

[Verse 2 - Heems]
Freedom for the heathens who scheming for cheese
Believe in them, please, they need us to reach
A peace with the place that's filled with the trees

Peace to the L with trees that's laced with E
Peace to love, peace is in the sea
A candle in the wind, my swag on Princess Di
People want my picture, and wish that I would die
I'm Dodi Fayed, and my codeine's never lying
I'll OD then I'm dying, an OG with the wilding
I'm the Jamaican crab in the mermaid movie
Her maid's groovy, but Herman's moody
I'm Kelly Slater, the waviest fella
Crazy with cheddar, spacey like Heathers
I'm in Australia, catching a wave
Catching a plane to catch me some shade
Cash me some checks, stack them, I'm paid

[Hook(x2) - Heems]

[Verse 3 - Heems]
Free Max B, you're not a wavy creature
Your girl bump me through her Macbook speakers
Your mom love me like I'm her preacher
Your dad love me like I'm the pitcher
Of his favorite baseball team

I ball till I'm y'all, I get that cream
I'm Hang Ten Heems, and everybody love me
Move like Bugsy in a rugby
People think I'm Spanish like Dru Ha
Heems, Himanshu, new school, woo hah!
I got you all in check

I got my family all some checks
Now they wanna see me eat their dust and ether
Cause I'm on that new wave
like Flock of Seagulls
On that new wave like XTC
So they wanna empty me of MP3's

[Hook(x4) - Heems]

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