Hi-Tek – Baby We Can Do It Lyrics

Produced By: Hi-Tek

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Yeah (turn it up, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, okay, yeah
This Haze and young Nok
Yeah, yeah (okay)
This Haze and young Nok
Yeah, okay, yeah, yeah

Baby we can do it, it's nothin to it
Baby we could do it, it's nothin to it
All niiiiight, let's get in-to it
(Baby we can do it, it's nothin to it)
(Baby we can do it, it's nothin to it)
(All niiiiight, let's get in-to it)
Now take your clothes off, relax your mind
Now I'm lookin at your body, it's all right
All niiiiight, let's get in-to it

Yeah, young Nok

C'mon let's go, and take a ride through the city
And I got, two of my favorite hoes wit me
Yeah, Mary Jane and Miss Thang
One for the brain, the other one go bang
I met her at a traffic light
And you could tell by the fake Cartiers that her dude wasn't actin right
We pulled over to get it crackin
Exchanged our names and numbers, I'm old-fashioned
Called her up a week later, tryin to see what's happenin
She said her dude was trippin and we both started laughin
Hahahaaaa, I proceed with askin
"When you comin out, cause I need to be smashin"
Cause baby we could do it, it's nuttin to it
Lights on or off, vibin to the music
Yeah, yeah all night long
Let's do what we do, right or wrong, yep!

[Hook] with ad libs

We could do it, it's nothin to it
We could do it, it's nothin to it
Geah, all night yeah, all night yeah

It's Mr. Do It, baby stick it, let me give it to you all night
It's hard out here for a pimp, I keep a alibi
Never satisfied, Rick Ross'in with my money right
Jimmyyyy, hollllld up
I make 'em jump cliffs, want shit, they'll never get
Clever, which true playa, Jimmy Hayzar future pimp
Got ya girl choosin, ya highness in the buildin
Baby I could see ya booty, you the finest in the buildin
We look better together, just look how I put it to you
Now it's right in your face, and I'm as calm as a lake
Just as smooth as some sand, what you know 'bout some mackin
Like Jimmy Hayzar ain't packin, geah, baby we could do it
Yeah, uhh

[Hook] with ad libs

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