Hi-Tek – Think I Got a Beat Lyrics

Produced By: Hi-Tek

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[T] Ay daddy! I think I got a beat
[H] You do?
[L] Uh-huh~!
[H] Word?
[L] Do that there
[H] Let me hear it
[L] Okay
{*beat plays*}
[H] Yeahhhhh~!
[L] Eh he hee!
[H] That's kinda hard, let me hear that again one more time
[L] {*sings along to the beat*}
[H] I'm gonna have to flip that son
[L] {*sings again*}

[Lil' Tone]
One two one two, I'm Lil' Tone in the house
And I know without a doubt
And Snoop Dogg you too
And my daddy you too too
And now I'm in the house with my daddy
I be wild motherfucker with my daddy
I rock all types of good {?}
I rock {?} with myself, these beats
I bet you rock to these beats
And these beats, work wild
All over the place
Be playin all over the place
I'm Lil' Tone in the house!
I'm Lil' Tone in the house!

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