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Sol Starz
Sol Starz
Hodgy Beats (Hodgy Beats)

[Verse 1]

Niggas can't trace my prints like I got my gloves on
The lovers hate on me and I feel there is no love gone
They starvin' and I'm eatin', watch me get my grub on
Stay strapped like a Trojan, bulletproof like a Kevlan
'Till this day, hustlers can't match my hustle
135 pounds, nothin' but muscle
I give hip-hop my all like DHS at the tussle
But I gotta stay humble till the fat lady sing
I'm ready to rumble, one-on-one in the ring
I'm gettin' everything I wish for, except for one thing
I can't have it all even if I got it all

Take a shot it's 50-50, like basketball
So when I hop into my whip and laugh it off
It's not because I'm upper-classin' at all

It's when the basket falls like a piñata
I'll be sittin' on my yacht, still sippin' coladas

I'm the damage to the music like Joker to Gotham

Spider-man to Green Goblin
Where's Batman and Robin?
I'm the damage to the music like Joker to Gotham
Spider-man to Green Goblin
Where's Batman and Robin?
I could be ya super hero (hero.)
I could be ya super hero (hero.)
I could be ya super hero (hero.)
I could be ya-

[Verse 2]
I don't waste all my energy
On the negative situations that aren't meant for me
There's an angel that angel that God as sent for me
And she belittles the emphasy between me and the enemy

Hodgy Beats is a winner (Look at him.)
Makin' mistakes and correctin' them
The morals of a sinner
I'm just gettin' to see the world before we all timber

A pro with my tools when I started a beginner
I'm cool like a climate, and when I climax
I need to be rushed to the ER, bring the sirens
Red, white, blue, even violet
No violence but I'm my own ?
I was born to rhyme, I didn't try it
It was destined

When you close your eyes you feel the best winds
Money make the world go round, so the checks spin
I don't get close those whose necks bend
Backwards. Because those are actors, and you face forward
The cash, you try to get it and dash off


Come with me
I want you to stay with me

[Verse 3]
I go after the cabbage
Living the of a savage
They wanna live bad
I'm tryna live the baddest
Eating in the garden is yard, like a rabbit
They can't stay away, because it's become a habit
I have to live lavish, not sleeping in my jacket
Goals, I attack it like a computer hack it
But I'm future jacking
My word I don't ration
Money is a blessing
Music is a passion

Bass blasting in the car with two 12s
Making a mark in the industry not caring who sells
I wanna hold awards like a few shelves
They need to listen to me like they do shells
I promote my life, not caring who tells
I'll explain on my feet, until my shoes swell
When the basket falls, like the piñata
I'll be on my yacht, still counting my dollas. (Holla.)


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