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[Hook 2X: Holocaust]
Born of the sun, I crashed to the Earth
Tormented, reviled, I blast from the church
The threshold's in flames, the West Coast is claimed
My flesh jolts in change, your chest opens plain

The kingdom of bang church, we war dance in flame
I plunder, take you under to a world untamed
Inside a world of all casinos and dame, the war machine
Something moved in the graveyard, I break ya back frame
How many fingers do you have? Ten, I murdered five men
Yo, but these men were grim, on a microphone grin
The night flasher, deception of king, I bring disaster
Dark telepathy in the crypt, an Indian wasteland, a gun blaster
Dark city, in the park late night, with something pretty
Scars hate, several sugars suspenseful tear
The monarch gritty, Splinter Cell, graveyard sleepwalker
I rise from the terrorities of dark, to creep harder

[Hook 2X]

Out of darkness, came one of triple dark, mind gun
Hooder desert, eagle footage, learn the risk, burn the wick'
Crushed deep in the bone, to take Satan's throne
Empire's so clever stitched, fire forever, bitch
On the job, plus, modest as an eel, punk
Here they come, these gods and goddesses of steel
Los Angeles mega-real, heel guns, devouring what's concealed
His blood passes through the pulminary artery
Pass the bone, twilight zone, holmes, cuts deep in the bone
These bullets very honestly amped, vampire harm
Why it's on, die of charm, ka-pow
Documentary in live footage, of a fucking fire arm
See blood's on the wing, vengeance you'll bring
Too fast to give a damn, this evil about to land
The threshold's in flames, the West Coast is claimed
My flesh jolts in change, your chest opens plain

[Hook 2X]

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