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Cause all I do is moon bounce, moon bounce
Cause I ain’t seeing nothing but stars

She just told me to move out, move out
I’m packing up and going to Mars

When I get there I’mma moon bounce, moon bounce
Cause I ain’t seeing nothing but stars
She just told me to move out, move out
I’m packing up and going to Mars
And when I get there I’mma bounce
I don’t ever wanna come down

[Verse 1]
Black girls love it say I taste like licorice
So much whiskey in me man I’m liquor rich
Gave your girl that free throw
All I do is flick my wrist

I’m so pale that I’mma fry
But now I’m on to bigger fish

I miss this shit very much
Every time she take a puff
Living in a different world, I say I ain’t had enough

Damn ho, I think you are a damn ho
All you do is pay me in attention, well then what you got a man for?

I call it as I see it, leave it to discussion
Only I can really not believe it when we’re fucking
Ask you why you love me, you ain’t saying nothing
But pay me all your mind, on your mind and your money
I’mma dress up all the problems, throw them in the closet
You can’t open up unless I open up my wallet
Leaving near the bedroom, taking your deposit
Had a name once, must have dropped it


[Verse 2]
Fuck your bitch I’m Kelsey Grammer
Talking all that bull I can’t understand ya
She like pity parties I like witty banter
Ask me if I’m dumping her and reply with a shitty answer
And this is how it escalates
Driving around the town let’s pretend we’re in the Escalade
Skinny jeans and skinny love, no wonder that I’m extra late
I didn’t wanna be so rude but I just had to make my case
She wanna go now, I say take steps
She wanna lay down, I want safe sex
Paid now, I don’t take checks
Ask me to go down, I say rain check
Hands around my mouth, I don’t take breaths
So I know I’mma do it till the day that I’mma pass out
You just always been the type to go and take the fast route
Ain’t no need to talk about it, you’d rather lash out
Okay let’s moon bounce baby, let me blast out

And I don’t know if I am too late
Take a chance, make my case
For all this shit, just falls in place
I should say, baby would you like to moon bounce?
Cause I ain’t seeing nothing but stars
Maybe we can move out, taking you to where you belong


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