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[Verse 1: Hopsin]
Now I was in the club with a fine ass chick (Fo' Sho')
A bad bitch that was making that ass dip
Then I accidentally let some gas slip
I realized I had to take a real bad shit
So I said shorty, I won't be able to sext you
I really need to make my way to the restroom

I found a spot I could pop a squat
But I was blocked by some niggas tryna' pop n' lock
I was pooin' everywhere tryna' stow through the club
I just kept cool acting like I didn't know what it was

When I got to the bathroom, I twisted on the door knob (fuck)
The doors locked (shit) oh god
, I started banging till' someone yelled yo' stop
I shouldve never ate my moms fuckin' porkchops
Then I shitted in my pants (say what?)
And some niggas thought I was doin' a dance that I made

Now do this dance called doo doo pants
And drop that shit to the flo'
Now drop that shit to the flo'
Now drop that shit to the flo'
Drop that shit to the flo'
Drop that shit to the flo'
Drop that shit to the flo'
Drop that shit to the flo'

[Verse 2: SwizZz]
Its about 10:45 and im ready to ride
But first I got somethin' to do
(and whats that?) I just gobbled a big mac

A bag of sour patch and now its time to take a dook
Aye yo Hop (whats up?) wheres the bathroom man? (why?)
My nigga, you should already know (know what?)
Ive got a monster in my tummy, its about to get ugly
Motherfucker (what?) im about to blow
I can feel it pokein' out like a nipple
Its drippin' down my leg (eh) now its official
I'mma need a double XL, some sprain a fanta, open the window
Lots of tissue, and a very large can
For a very large dump, its turning in my gut
Hop dawg forget about your shower, cancel our show
I'mma need a couple hours


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