Hopsin – Intro - Skit Lyrics

Produced By: Marcus Hopson

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Yo, wussup everybody? Normally, I would start this album off talkin, like im doin now, but instead, I wanna start off wit some old school 80s cartoon theme song type shit, so lets see what we got, Play that shit! BLAOW! Man mom you spose to press play when I point at you (Im sorry, baby I thought it was after you said the) I already ate the whole bag of chips doin this mom! (I know baby, I know you put you time in that baby, im sorry baby, im sorry baby) Man, aight last time man the spacebar! The spacebar! (I know baby spacebar baby, I know spacebar baby I know im sorry, im sorry) Yo wussup everyb- He is the one! (You know what? Get out mom, just get out!) Who always rips the mic! (Get a grip!) So, Get prepared for the time of yo life! Where are you? Hopsin, where are you? Where are you?

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