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[Lucy Liu]
Men, they have always held the power
But power is a fickle mistress
The nature of power is that it belongs to no one
Until it is taken, seized, seized through sex, violence, gold

[Talib Kweli]
They say sex is a weapon, so when I shoot, meet your death in less than 8 seconds
Uh, they say sex is a weapon, so when I shoot, meet your death in less than uh
Sex is a weapon, so when I shoot, meet your death in less than a second
Sex is a weapon, so when I shoot

I’m a sex shooter, I take aim and let it go
A dictator, the best ruler you’ ever know
So dominant that I promise to shake your confidence
I’ll sponsor you with scholarships, school you or got a doctorate

Assimilation, a necessity is the mother of invention
But lust is the father of innovation

Uh, they got together and raised a nation
Birth of civilization, first it hurt, then it was amazing

[Res - Hook]
Packing heat and taking aim
Ain’t no need, you know you gon’ get your way
Popping shit and spitting game
But there’s no need, you know you gon’ get your way

[Talib Kweli]
Submission is the mission when building and destroying
My methods they quite suggest that when I’m employing the quotas and joy
You can’t avoid this joyous, I’m such a …

The moisture that you deploying is taking us on voyage
I’m trying to find the spot, but you’re wetter than a tsunami
Shaping her like she paper, twistin’ like origami

Organically grown, never give orgasms to organisms with X chromosomes
Taking her home, good thing about her
She don’t know her power to eat a clam like it’s chowder
I’m bombing her lotus flower
She can’t fake it cause I know the face
She on top, because she know her place
See, your place ain’t the same as your position
Why you racing? It ain’t a competition
‘Cause you already been declared the winner
Now get up and prepare my dinner!


Why you playing me like one to one, oh daddy
You’ twistin’ my mind
And I’m a woman, and if there’s anything I know
I know sex is a weaṗon
And it can hurt you to the strongest degree
Deep down, you never forget her
You can have anything you want
Ain’t gotta get all like that boy
You can have it if you want it

[Hook x2]

You know you always get your way

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