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[Dose One]
Sincerely, as always
(Hi new friend! Nice to meetcha!
Oh sure! I'll check out the dinner arrangements..)
We do it for a reason
Understand it all, take your time

I got a friend, a true leader amongst men
If I ever met one, hows about a hardy listenin
Or even some, passive/attentive inspire
You to write later feedback, it's no
Walk in the park to write about things you think and see
Or or is it that, a two-way coil
When once in a while there's bogs like, you to bump into
On a walk in the park

It ain't easy.. (so, give it up and I'm let down
It's an univited sitdown)
But it well.. (somethin feels, how do people place
In things that make one turn twelve)
And often study.. (self-expression
And it goes a little somethin like this)

The evolution of an organism is it self-fulfilling
For a mind to settle DDN adjusters on bi slabs
And do the destructive creative changes
One before we even have the (?) to put a finger on
It's where exactly space is folding for us
So hand, gradually opportunity comes to this
You searched erotic costs a lot of sand
Time, seconds yes, a body out of water yes
A lot of, divining moments, yes
I knows you all, why do you ask?
We not in, the big, poetry class
In fact.. we found broken round together..
So there..

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