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Well pardon poor etiquette less is more fetishist
Sex du jour mess wit your extra sore sentiments
Yep I did some foul shit, ain't really defending it
House of cards is fallen darling catch the floor when it gives
Kissing with a blind fold don't know what your messing with
Save your war words baby girl I'm the best at this
Learn the lesson n' quit actin' all extra pissed
Callin me a chauvinist like you some sorta feminist
Please get up off of that shit
Pretending there was any sort of passion in our last kiss
Don't count me in your notches mark it with an asterisk
And tell your future husband that you did it all for practice, ha
My momma raised me right so you can blame me twice
And ain't no way you can change me or try to make me right
Hated the way we fight but none of that matters
Cause you're still gonna say it boils down to bad manners, nah

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