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I go by J
Ce Ce is my Bestie
My job is dumb, sell pills to fatties
I hate this shit! I am not happy
So I write rhymes, word to your Daddy
Know I need to quit and my job got worse
Just got a new boss; I will put him in a hurst
Working on my anger though
One day at at time
I hope they all die but I won't commit the crime
"Ooh it smells fishy, Nina where you at"
Bitches be tripping, bitches get slapped
Crushing on this dude
She kissed him out of spite...
But I met this other dude, he's white "dynamite"
Then shit got real, I kinda liked em both
Would have let em hit it, but nah I'm not a ho
So I had to make a choice
One had to go
Picked my final answer and I did bitch woah!

Yes! I'm the shit! Yes! I'm so good
Little bit of awkward, Lotta bit of hood
I intimidate hoes. I'm misunderstood...
But the flows so sick like Patty on her period
Yes! I'm the shit' Yes! I'm soo good
Little bit of awkward. Little bit of hood
I intimidate hoes, I'm misunderstood...
But the flows so sick like Patty on her period

Not a basketball wife
Not a nigga in a dress
Not a sassy fat bitch
Not a hot shitty mess

I am awkward and black
Doubt it? It is fact!
Ain't with me, your bad
Season (2.0)
I Am Other "motherfucker"

Pharrell enters
Pharrell: "um. what was that"?

J.: "I really like your music."

Pharrell: "Thank you?!"

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