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[Verse 1]
Tears for ODB, drug-induced poetry
What’s the use? Strung-out from that drug abuse, woe is me
80's baby, so I know my pops was gettin’ high
In the 90's, me and mama barely gettin’ by
2000's I was concentratin’ more on gettin’ fly
Gettin’ bitches, gettin’ rich to get the shit I couldn’t buy
You know the story, you know my allegory
I was sent from Heaven with a set of horns, they’d better warn y’all
I’m here for more than just to kick some witty metaphors, dawg
This more of the type of shit you spit to set a war off

‘Cause niggas be poor, get money and still don’t know
Why the fuck they can’t cop a house, the system meant to lock us out
But I’m knockin’ down the door, strapped up with a four-four

Robin Hood, shit – and yeah, I’m ‘hood rich
That’s good enough to stay in new kicks and a good whip
Get good head from a good bitch, I give two shits, I’mma tell you straight up

Straight up
Straight up – aye, any chance I’mma take it
Rather die before I fake it
They say life is what you make it, bitch, but I’m just tryna make it

Straight up
Straight up
Straight up – aye, any chance I’mma take it
Rather die before I fake it
They say life is what you make it, bitch

[Verse 2]
Lord have mercy on my soul – what I’ve done and what I’ve seen
My life has tumbled into that which only you could intervene

I put my heart in senseless things – money, bitches and street shit
Fascinated by beef, sad to say I won’t be shit
Grew up in this bitch without a pot to piss in, no toilet
How ironic, I took a lot of shit, like a bottom bitch
Or a model chick, high off coke
They lockin’ sons up for less, I don’t care how y’all cope
But yet I still peddle this dope and these pills
I’ll never know how sittin’ comfy on that Oprah seat feels
More than likely be on Most Wanted posters
, we still
Holdin’ on to old dreams of bein’ Hova, be real
We the forgotten souls, bottom of the totem poles

Left for dead, some niggas fled, people said they sold their souls
I just think they found a better way,
Lord knows I never pray
But sometimes I be wishin’ I could levitate, I’ll take it straight up



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