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I'm on The Come Up / chill nigga don't run up
A yellow nigga, finna' rise and shine like the sun up
My mind on that paper I ain't trying to wife the slut up
I'm dieing for this cake and I ain't trying to wipe a crumb up

They ride with the gun up / kill you and light the blunt up
Uh, don't shed a tear if a nigga might get done up

But, just say a prayer if a nigga might confront us
Cause his life is summed up / the medics wipe his lungs up
You coming to the ville? you need to get a license from us
City on my back / I feel like I'm holding Big Pun up
No pain no gain, my nigga, I just numb up
I blow brains, Cobain a nigga if he jump up
With no shame / don't blame a nigga if you shot up
This is cocaine on flame, baking soda and water
And if you feel that then I guess I sell crack, get it?

Fall back, man, a nigga feeling crazy
Shitting on niggas like a nigga was still a baby
Carolina nigga shout-out to the ville that raised me
So many hoes whipped, you would've thought we still in slavery

And niggas still sleepin they feelin lazy
Uh, a killer maybe, you make me I will
Cheat me on my scrilla, I send you to meet dilla
From them NC streets where the beef they deliver
And the clip is on E cause your chest got a fill up
While a nigga like me is just getting head like a pillow

Bread like gorillas getting bread
So long as my momma and my niggas getting fed
Fuck what a nigga said, man, I'm Fayettenam bombing
Cause hatred is flattery you bitch niggas is charming
Who the fuck you harmin'? / boy, ya'll niggas is Charmin
And I'm on it, waiting for a target
You fucking with the best like Common

Aw shit, pardon a nigga for departing
I'm just getting green like a yard or a garden
A nigga finna blow while you niggas is false alarmin'
And just think I was raised on ramen -- chicken noodle soup
Now I'm filet mignon-in'

I promised my momma I was coming to make this money
And I sware I'm going to kill the nigga that try to take it from me

Yeah, that's real talk, nigga
It's J.Cole nigga
Therapist whatever the fuck you wanna call him - it don't matter
You know, i'll make y'all niggas understand man
I know you can't believe yourself right now
You thinkin' this niggas from the south -- hahaha -- he can't spit -- how the fuck is he so good?
Open your eyes mothafucka, can you see? niggas on top. yup. we on top

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