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{*"Now who bringin the dirt.. who bringin the dirt"*}
{*"Take it to 'em hard"*}
{*"It's official"*}
{*"Dog you better than that"*}

[Phat Kat]
Yo I'm changin my karma then the anger that I'm harnessin
The flame that I'm charterin remains in the bargainin
Restrain cause I'm harborin the lane to your martyrdom
Enslavin and hollerin they came from the father son
And holy ghost is modern
Explainin why I'm chargin 'em enslavin the homonym
Reclaimin the Cottage Inn - acres of new farmer gin
As niggas wanna ras stop at Cathouse so hop on in
I aim and disarm 'em
Dangerous and dotterin, blame for the sovereign
Detroit hip-hop for James and his mom and them
Got ravens to rotten mens engaged and I'm locked in
You praise and you honor him
For King that is optimum
(It's Ma Dukes back at you with another D-D-D-Dilla exclusive)

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