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(Baby!) {*2X*}

[J Dilla]
A Tribe Called Quest (baby!) Rock on
Com Sense, rock on
Amadou, rock on and
Loot Pack, rock rock on
Calloway (baby!) Rock on
Guil' Simpson, rock on and
P-Dub, rock rock on
Fat Killahz, rock rock on
Secret City (baby!) Rock on
Big Proof, rock rock on and
S.C., rock rock on
Slum Village, rock on
5-9 (baby!) Rock on baby
Tex Murda, rock rock on
Philly Frank, rock rock on
And, D'Angelo, rock rock on
Redman (baby!) Rock on
And, Big Fuzz, rock rock on
Nas Boogie, rock rock on
The Neptunes, rock rock on and
White Boy (baby!) Rock on
Mike Move, rock rock on
BlackStar, rock rock on and
J5, rock rock on and
We all swoll (baby!) Yeah


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