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R.I.P. to all the real niggas worldwide...salute
Real shit

I ride for my niggas dog...I ride for my niggas
I slide for my niggas dog..I ride for my niggas

Stay scheming..niggas tryna get at me...dog I ride for my niggas
(i mean its like...i thought ya'll already knew man)
Stay scheming..niggas tryna get at me...dog I ride for my niggas
(I do it for the team man..i do it for the bean man..i do it for the bridge, if you didn't know.. J. Lye)

It bothers me when these niggas try to act a little hard
Start attacking every nigga tryna take a city far
I stared them in the face, but I ain't never seen a scar
And every nigga tryna rap? guess I'm here raising the bar
Yeah, I told my women that i'd see the cash
But they ain't never seeing shit if we don't make it last
Cause every girl that fucked me over, threw them in the past
So everytime they try to text, I read that shit and laugh
Yeah, so many lights in the bloody bean
I seen a lot of fake niggas do it for the green
But I dont ever give a fuck, I do it for my team
I said...I don't give a fuck I do it for my team
So thank god for everybody thats repping
Tryna join a group of stars, except for one niggas exception
Living out my dreams now, inception
Make sure you hear me clear, reception
Dial tones, these niggas know my number
Cause I took all of their women and I put them right down under
And they told me that they ride it, and they told me that they drive
And she operate a stick...i told her i'd abide
Yeah, and for my niggas I will die
Yeah, its 617 till I die
Yeah, and thank god for a city
That made me who I am, take my real niggas with me (1 day)


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