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[Verse 1]
Pardon my manners but I got a rude hunger
Viscious bastard it's about to be a cruel summer
Flow might be ignorant but all my life been super focused
Money coming in like I let the jews control it
Hold it there won't be need for no violence
You know me I turn tragedy into triumph
Only God can stop that angel wings when I die
Way too much dedication when I told my mother bye bye
Born in refugee camps but knew that there was more
So I rap like I was born on a Colosseum floor
King Julius Ceaser turn bullies into believers
This is a demonstration of killing rappers with patience
Sacrifices & offerings like I was a freemason
But all I do is pray hard, lord knows i've been patient
'Till my vehicles roofless, condo spacious
Staying in my zone 'till my competition is faceless

Why dont ya, dont ya
Why dont ya, dont ya
Why dont ya
Calm the fuck down
Calm the fuck down
Calm the fuck down

[Verse 2]
The night is still young, why the fuck are you restless
Pain and passion, chain reactions
But I don't need no necklace
I'm just lettin my dreams show
You know how the fuck we roll
On the road to excellence, I just hope we dont crash
I'm just throwin up deuces everytime that they ask
When are you dropping new music? Calm down, not so fast
It takes times to be perfect, bitch, better slow yo roll
And I ain't saying we perfect, nah, but God dammit we close we close


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