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Chorus 1
Go straight to the dance floor
Go straight to the dance floor
When you hear this sound
When you hear this sound
Straight to the dance floor
Go straight to the dance floor
When you hear this sound
When you hear this sound

(Jamie Foxx)
I don't play a little park
I'm a backseat driver
Ocean in my backyard
Deep sea diver
Turn tricks on the bitch
You can call me McGuyver
Let them spit
Make them hit the saliva
I don't play around about my dough
So mean with green
Whatever I say goes
That's why your girlfriend chose

Chorus 2
I got my hands on my nutz
And a bottle up in the air
I'm with a hundred black suits
So dem hoes can't help but stare
You see my face on the billboard
That's me right there
And I ain't never in my life
Seen a nigga this fly I swear

Order me a few more rounds
Cause it's about to go down

(Jamie Foxx)
Timmed up chi-town on the haters
California love put shot at the Lakers
Game, I ain't never been a lame or a hater
Matter fact I'm on Larry King later
Gotta whole lotta change I can blow
You can hate but U still gonna watch my show
And I'mma still get dough

Chorus 2
Chorus 1

(Lil Wayne)
Bad bitch magnet
Rock star lifestyle young Lenny Kravitz
Coupe with the pipe loud
Sound like a dragon

Sittin on rims like Spike on a basket
P-Play with the kid I'll turn your body into fragments
Weezy kill the beat now they checkin him for maggots
Young Moolah baby
Every night's a good night
Shine like mirrors muthaf**ka
What it look like

Chorus 2
Chorus 1

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