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[Verse 1]

Chapter 1, I was a Rock fan
I knew The Police before they had Roxanne
And then I heard Ringo in the Octopus's Garden
So pardon this Hip Hop thing, it's just startin’ (Yes)
And now it's me upon the stage
I took out my letter and wrote on the first page, Like Jimmy
But John Bonham was my fave
And there's no other percussionist that I rather be
He hit loud, louder than a factory
And gave me a Stairway to Heaven simply thru the beat
I clapped on for Eric, because he had the cream
I'm a Foreigner, but I'm familiar with my Journey
This is the Genesis of all my dreams
I'm a boss, I Springsteen a 16
There's nothing else that ya'll can tell me (Who's next)
This is my Bohemian Rhapsody

And we just want to Rock now
Throw your hands up, throw your hands up, high
And we just want to Rock now
Throw your hands up, throw your hands up, high
And we just want to Rock now
Throw your hands up, throw your hands up, high
And we just want to Rock now
Throw your hands up, throw your hands up, high

[Verse 2]
Chapter 2 was a different avenue
I was a Fighter cuz I listened to the Foo
Tried to reach Nirvana but my Soundgarden boo
Radio was in my Head when Pablo Honey blew
Red Hot Chili Peppers had sex to the magic
Under the Bridge, is where I found Lenny Kravitz
It was Sublime, the way Bradley went at it
Died at such a young age, too bad that he was an addict
No Doubt, now I'm trying to figure out
311, when I was 7, but where they at now?
So I turned it upside down
Didn't play with Guns-N-Roses cuz I was a Sweet Child
Eddie Vedder taught me how to sing in style
But Michael Jackson was the one that made me feel bad (Who's Bad?)
I send my condolences to his fans
The thrill is not gone cuz I can feel it deep within


[Verse 3]
Yeah, ay yo
Chapter 3, it's back to the beats
This is when I learned how to rap in my sleep
LL was Cool, cuz he ran with DMC
Nas was Illmatic, but first, he was Nasty
Wu-Tang's my favorite, 36 Chambers was the greatest
Method brought Pain to the brain, If
I only had a wish, it would be
To share my Roots with the world, and that is Mos Def
Or Common Sense, I love Biggie the best
He makes me want to rhyme like a vet, till I had no breath
The Chronic was a classic
NWA with the West Coast & fashion
I'm a Prodigy like Havoc
A Beastie Boy on the mic, nobody wants to have it
Outkasting, Slim Shady makes me practice
And this is all fact, it’s the picture that I paint
On the canvass
Sean Carter is the madness
I had no reasonable doubt that Jay was the master
And this is something that I'm after
To be the first artist to write the 4th Chapter

[Hook] x2

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