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[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
Ok now shorty had yellow
Shorty eyes brown
Shorty so gold
And so is my crown

Baby color me red
Shorty code red
And so is my flag

Purple in my bag
And shorty hair black
And so is that car

That I got on my back
How could I go Hard from my girl in fact
I could take a ball from the world
Since the president black
I went and bought a black pearls
Like damn
And she gonna wanna see lil wayne go
She just wanna bonnafie lil wayne boe
Now or later cause me and her gonna create art together
She wanna do it has we do it all night

I never blew it hurt my lung
I only look nice
See the wall black and I dress all white

[Verse 2 - Kendrick Lamar]
Mama says she love it when I'm color coordinated
So I pull up in a maroon coupe with maroon laces
In my Supras I maneuver like
MacGyver when it's time to ride

Say she always feeling blue
When he telling white lies

Rain on her window pain
All she see is grey skies
Told her hit this purple
Maybe this will ease your mind
I'm rocking purple lable
Check out my shirt design

Perfect with her purple kisses
Slack track number eight
From The Dream
maybe this is something you ain't neva see
Put you in a real world
Take you out that green screen

Sippin on pink panties
In the stretched limousine
They takin of pink panties
When we hit the room
Don't confuse me for no
murderer like Norman Bates
But I'm about to kill it
Pull out the yellow tape
I'm guessing I'm a criminal
You caught up in my web
Like a brown recluse

Hey that is a color never seen boo

[Verse 3 - Jay Rock]
She love it when I'm flamed up
Feel the pump
Red Lamborghini at the Grand Lux
Grammys with the red tux

She a red bone
Red manicure
Red hair
'Think I like her
Might wife her in sum red airs
Walk her up my red stairs
Headed to the red room
She gone yell code red once I jump in that room
Red diamonds on my wrist, red diamonds on my neck, give yo' ass a blood bath, if you ever disrespect, red lobster, you a small fish walking thru my set, red beam, I'm aiming from the roof of my projects, She know that I'm gangster

She read that I'm a prospect
Eatin' read beans, shitn' em 'Where the flys at? '
Red in my pupils and that's just from the contact, she wanna blow up I'm a show her where that bomb at... So baby ride with the red flow, her face turned red soon as I said let's go

[Outro - Lil Wayne]
Yea Ohhh
Ohhhhhhh Yeahhhhh
Ohhhhhhh Ohhhh Ehhhhhh
Hahaha That's right baby
I'm gone

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